27 April 2011

New to www.BeautifulNailsShop.co.uk water based Flexbrush striper

Check out our new colours at www.beautifulnailsshop.co.uk

Nail art flexbrush striper paint
Stripping brush included. Non -Toxic Acrylic paints, great for nail artist and beginners, remove color easily without ruining nail polish if mistake are made. Thin out with Water if the paint gets too thick.

Rebalance - natural overlay with acrylic + acrylic flowers

Rebalance - natural nails overlay

Rebalance - uv gel antural nails overlay - acrylic design on the top

Sculpted uv gel - french + hand painted flowers with uv gel

Rebalance - Natural Nails Uv Gel overlay - french + one stroke flower painted with uv gel

15 April 2011

Long Stiletto tips now available in my shop at www.beautifulnailsshop.co.uk

Long Stilletto Nail Tips /long display nail tips/long nail art tips (Natural) Long Stilleto Nail tips Great for displaying your nail art Also Great for photoshoots and Competiton Nails 10 Long Nails Per Pack for £2.99