Acrylic stilettos
1.Preper your nails as  usual,fit forms.

2.Sculpt your clear thin base,remove forms

3. Using coloured acrylic powders start to designs your nails . I used neon green /021/ and neon yellow /042/ acrylic powders.
4. Add some holograms and golden beads.

5. Build up you nails and remember about correct shape. Then reshape your nails.

6. You can finish now by applying uv top coat, I added acrylic flowers,some details with acrylic paint and swarovski crystals.

7. add quick finish uv gel to finish off and cure.

Sculpted nails - mix methods- acrylic and uv gel -french with cover gel.
1. Prepare your nails as usual, fit paper forms.
2. Sculpt nails to desire lenght with pink acrylic powder,it will be you base so make sure that your base is thin as possible,you don't want to have thick nails at the end. Remove your forms and reshape.Remove all dust.

3. we will use cover gel so we need to apply a thin layer of clear builder gel to prevent lifting.
4. Apply cover gel to create new smile line, remember to apply thin layer around cuticle.
Create 'egg'shape ,look at little and ring finger

5. Now add white gel and create a tip,Golden nails French whit gel is thin gel but you only need one layer to have snow white tip.

6. When you finish with creating a french build your nails,remember about correct shape (appex)
7.Add something to your french now if you want, i added some swarovski crystals on rings fingers. Apply Quick Finish -uv top coat,cure for 3-4minutes

8. End result

To create this design I used 4 colours of Golden Nails Acrylic Powders: nr 28,43,58,59, golden leaves and blac acrylic paint. All avaiable in my shop.

So firstly you have to do prep work as usual - sanize,push back cuticules,remove all death cskin from nail,mat the whole surface of the nail,undust, whipe with the cleaner,apply the primer.
Place form under free edge of the nail. Apply thin layer of acrylic over natural nail.
Now you can start to create your free edge using colour acrylic the way you can see on the pictures.
Because acrylic dry out quite fast,if you want to achive dipper C curve you can now pinch the nail with the tweezer.
When acrylic is still wet apply the golden leaves.
Now bulit up your nail, remember about upper arch and apex.
Reshape your nail.
Add black paint like that.
Before finishing them off whit the Uv gel top coat - Golden Nails quick finish.
Finished Nails