25 August 2021

Vtct NVQ level 2 Nail Technology in London South - 12 weeks - starting on the 6.09.2021


VTCT Level 2 Nail Technician Course

Level 2 nail technician training course offered by Karolina Tryc Academy is the perfect choice for you if you are planning to start your career as nail technician, either working from home, mobile or setting up your own salon. This complete nail course, unlike other short nail courses, is highly recognised by all local authorities in the UK. It is suitable for anyone wants to become a qualified technician in a short period of time.

To obtain VTCT Level 2 Certificate in Nail Technology, you will need to complete the following units:

  1. Ensure responsibility for actions to reduce the risk to health and safety

  2. Fulfil salon reception duties

  3. Develop and maintain effectiveness at work

  4. Promote additional services or products to clients

  5. Provide Manicure Service

  6. Provide pedicure service

  7. Carry Out Nail Art Services

  8. Apply and maintain nail enhancements to create natural finish

Practical skills will be taught in school by our highly experienced tutors, and then you will progress onto working on members of your class for realistic practice, however, you will be required to undertake independent study outside the taught sessions and practice your skills. You will have to work towards your portfolio which will be considered as a part of your final assessment. You will need to produce at least 3 evidences of work for every unit.

Entry Requirements:

*We accept students aged 18 and over

*No previous experience is required

*keen interest and motivation for the nail industry

*A good basic education

*A good command of the English language

This course is part time

It will run for 12 weeks

Time: from 10am to 5pm

Class size: 4-6

Dates and fees

Total Course Fee (VAT incl.)


VAT incl Including: VTCT registration, assessment fee, log book, pack, and aprone

Other Fees

*Manicure/pedicure Starter Kits

* UV Gel Starter Kits without lamp

* acrylic Starter kit

Payment options available

Contact details


Instagram karolina.tryc

23 August 2021

Natural nails overlay with hard gel Pink and White - reverse French

 Products used and available to buy

Cover pink Rocky light https://www.beautifulnailsshop.co.uk/rocky-cover-light-gel-15ml-2093-p.asp

Builder white https://www.beautifulnailsshop.co.uk/builder-white-gel-renewed-15ml-1228-p.asp

Titanium clear https://www.beautifulnailsshop.co.uk/builder-xtreme-titanium-clear-gel-15ml-1223-p.asp

Glam glitter https://www.beautifulnailsshop.co.uk/glam-glitter---1-rainbow-3227-p.asp

Universal Cool top


What do you think 🤔 

French forever trendy ❤

23 June 2021

Tips extensions - is this method of extending old school and no longer needed 🤔

 Nail tips ? Yes or no ? 

Is using tips making us less of a professional Nail Technician? 

Is using stickers or stamping making us less of the nail artis? 

Does it matter that if I struggle with something, I replace it with something I am good at to achieve best results? 

Or if I am still practising sculpting, if  I use tips instead, as I found it easier and less stressful to work with, am I less of a nail technician? 

Once I've been told that the only proper way of extending nails is by using forms ?

But is it really the truth? 

I follow so many amazing nail technicians, who has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and they work with tips only😀

I follow amazing nail artists who can use stickers, decals, stamping etc and they create amazing looking nails with it.

And of course I follow people who can sculpte the most amazing nails  which I love and admire.

As fully qualified Technician shouldn't we know both ways and choose accordingly to the results we want to achieve? 

My belief is that, as a nail technician, I want to give my clients the best looking, long lasting, complimenting their hands - nails :) done in a safe and healthy way. 

Isn't that what it is all about ? 

Yes, sculpting is considered as higher level of skills as we need to now how to control products and fit form correctly at the same time,gives us more possibilities to achieve the most extravagant shapes, whereas tips are mainly preshaped, and we need to have few options to make sure we have the right tip  which will fit natural nail perfectly … however, working with tips is quite technical too,from choosing correct one , to preparation and blending it etc 

If we understand the method of extending, we can achieve great results even if we use tips , which yes, in fact they are ready made  and pre-shaped, and yes, maybe it does feel sometimes like cheating 😅 but if this  will make our live easier, then why not ? 

Open for discussion ❤

P.s Photos show my birthday nails - done by me on myself 😁 using tips and acryl gel 🤪

All available from my online shop www.beautifulnailsshop.co.uk 

13 October 2020

Crystal Nails Art Gel Pro

 Now available new colors, Red, Green, Black, White, Blue and Yellow.

Click on the link below to browse our on line shop --->


21 January 2019

Absolute International Crystal Nails Master Educator

As promised before I would like to introduce myself again and tell you my story !

My name is Karolina Tryc, I am 35 years old, I am married with 2 children (daughter 14, son 10) and I've been working as a nail technician since 2007.
My whole adventure with nails started quite randomly, as I never thought I will be doing nails, I thought I will be accountant or working in the office, but my life went in to different direction.
When I was 20 years old I left my home country, originally I come from Poland and came to live in London. Beginning wasn't easy especially that I become a mum soon after my arrival to UK.
For about 2 years I stayed at home being mum but I was so desperate to work that I was looking for solutions on how I can financially contribute and help out my husband. I was cleaning for people, ironing etc, one of my clients who I helped with cleaning, looked once at my natural, painted by me :) nails and said: Karolina it seems you have natural talent for nail art, people would pay you to have nails done like yours! And with that one sentence, the idea was born! From that moment I was searching and reading other nail technicians blogs, how they started working from home and it seems to be ideal for me as I could work around my family, my daughter was only 2 years old at that time. I've applied for my first beginner training and I started :)
 I've set up this blog as I wanted to share with people pictures of my work and my passion for nails. At the beginning, it was very helpful with gaining new clients as I started working from home so there was no chance for passing trade.

And this is how it started for me. Since then I did so many training's that I lost count. It took me 6 years to work from home before I moved to my salon. During that time I developed passion for educating, first clients - about how nails should look like when are done properly - then educating future nail technicians. Teaching became my passion! I followed my favorite nail technicians and I wanted to be like them! My nail idols were working for company called Crystal Nails, so when I found out that they are coming to UK I couldn't miss my chance to be trained by them and to join CN team.  Krisztina Ujvari, Barbara Ujvari, Gabriella Kovacs, Sebestyne Agnes, Zsuzanna Fekete, those were and still are just few names who I'm inspired to be alike.
Since 2010 I've been around Crystal Nails, In 2014 I became officially educator and in 2017 I've achieved the highest score again and again, I become Crystal Nails Absolute Master Educator in Gel, Acrylic, Crystalac and Art category, it means I can represent and teach for CN not just in the UK but also internationally. I am very proud of this title and I still keep pushing myself to be better and better! In a mean time, I went to college to get proper qualification, I did teaching course as well as PTLLs  in 2014.  Thanks to that I could travel and teach people from different parts of UK and even world. My biggest adventure so far was going all the way to South America - Chile and teach for CN over there. One of my biggest achievements as I had to overcome my fear of flying!
My journey didn't stop at just doing nails or teaching, I wanted to push myself even further and developed my confidence so I've been taking parts in nail competitions, with success :) I become TOP Tech UK twice in 2015 and 2016, after competing for 2 years I took a break, and now I am planing to start again.
And of course, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't want to do more! While I was pregnant with my son, I decided to set up online shop, so I could have something to do while on maternity leave, and that is how I created www.beautifulnailsshop.co.uk As my passion doesn't stop just at doing nails and teaching, but I genuinely love Crystal Nails brand! 
So if you follow me, now you know a bit of my story! Even though I would like to teach more, I still love doing nails and be around my clients, as I am very lucky to say I have wonderful clients, and it is thanks to them that I am where I am now.
I should add that I am no longer work by myself in my salon, I have a hairdresser Bartek Kaczmarek - who has been with me over 3 years now, and he is not just work colleague but also a friend. I had few beauticians as well, but now my spare  room is free again, so I am looking to rent it out. If you are interested and you are near me 320a Stafford Road, CR0 4NH, you can contact me :)
 I think my story can give a hope to all working mummies, nail technicians with dreams that they all can be successful. It does take time, determination and sacrifice, but everything is possible!
I am working now towards teaching more! 
It all takes time, as I am still a mum, most things around salon, sale, advertising, teaching nails I am doing by myself, but with my own pace I will get there, wherever it is :)

I hope you Enjoyed reading my story, If you need and advice, or If you would like to know more about my experience, feel free to ask in comments.

Please check out my promo video :)

Karolina Tryc  

15 January 2019

Crystal Nails International Educator training

Hello Everyone,

This blog is 8 years old and I meant to introduce myself again to remind everyone who I am, where I am and what I do, but there is always something going on and I never have time to do so. Even now I sat down to reflect on more current events.

Recently I took part in Crystal Nails educator training in Budapest. This course prepare nail technician to become educators. As I am already educator since 2014 you might wonder why I did it again? My answer would be that you never know enough, even if I go through the same techniques, I always pick up something new, new tips about products, new skills, new ways of teaching nails or art etc.
As educator it is very important to remind yourself all your knowledge and keep it up to date, keep practicing too.  Plus we are all part of something bigger, there is big Crystal Nails family which I am part of. Crystal nails is not just brand or products, behind it are amazing educators and people, without who this would not be possible. People who are my idols and I inspire to be as good as them, that is why I love going to those training's.

During 5 days we learnt Russian manicure, perfect gel polish application, reverse tips thought by Edina Sikari, different salon shapes like Gothic almond, modern salon almond, pipe, square thought by Zsuzsanna Fekete and Alexandra Mehesz using different products like acrylics, hard gel, fusion gel etc and of course all amazing nail art techniques, gel painting, one stroke painting, 3D gel thought by Alexandra Mehesz and Agnes Sebestyen. Those educators are Elite and the top people to learn from :)
Participants who achieve 70% from everything are invited to participate in educator training again in April for free! That is their chance to be part of Crystal Nails international team :)

So you can all see it is all amazing to have that 5 days to sit down and practice! and you do that with your amazing friends from Crystal Nails Uk team! It is the best way to bond and to make more memories :) I should say thank you to boss of CN UK for this opportunity Annamaria Farkas, and my Crystal Nails family, my friends - Karina Perematko, Amanda Hawtree - Taft, Kara Evans, Tihana Besevic, Amalia Roiu, Patricia Szukits, Reka Kovacs for another great trip together!
I can't wait now to share all my knowledge with students and to use my new skills on clients!

Some of many pictures I took during my trip!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little adventure in Budapest, as always you are all welcome to join me on my next courses! and if you need any Crystal Nails products please check out my online shop www.beautifulnailsshop.co.uk

Karolina Tryc

3 January 2019

Nail technician Beginner training Wallington Croydon South London

If you are dreaming about becoming nail technician this training is the answer. The way it is constructed is to give great platform to learn for complete beginner. After this training you should be confident in basic traditional manicure, gel manicure and basic gel nail extensions.  
Training is fully accredited and insurable with ABT.

Crystal Nails Hard Gel Beginner training in South London Wallington

Complete beginner course £500– you must attend all 5 days plus 6th day exam
Day 1 Manicure 26.01.2019
Day 2 Gel polish 27.01.2019
Hard gel application course
Day 3 28.01.2019 - tip &overlay
Day 4 04.02.2019- tip & French finish
Day 5 11.02.2019 - maintenance 
Day 6 4.03.2019 EXAM
If you're already qualified in manicure you can choose to attend from day 2 to 5 day 

 If you're already qualified in acrylic and looking to convert you can attend day 3 to 5

 If you're already qualified but looking to refresh your skills you can choose to attend any of the 5 days.

Full 6 days training cost £500 
Individual day £150 
More info:
Mob. 07784557818
or click on the link below

2 December 2016

Crystal Nails courses 2019

Upcoming courses 2019
Complete beginner course £500– you must attend all 5 days plus 6th day exam
Day 1 Manicure 26.01.2019
Day 2 Gel polish 27.01.2019
Hard gel application course
Day 3 28.01.2019 - tip &overlay
Day 4 04.02.2019- tip & French finish
Day 5 11.02.2019 - maintenance 
Day 6 4.03.2019 EXAM
If you're already qualified in manicure you can choose to attend from day 2 to 5 day 

 If you're already qualified in acrylic and looking to convert you can attend day 3 to 5

 If you're already qualified but looking to refresh your skills you can choose to attend any of the 5 days.

Full 6 days training cost £500 
Individual day £150 
More info:
Mob. 07784557818
or click on the link below

Crystal Nails Manicure Basic Workshop with Karolina Tryc

Manicure Basic Workshop

1 day - 15.01.2017 6h from 10am to 4pm

Workshop overview:
- health and safety
- client consultation
- basic manicure procedure
- product knowledge

Advisable kit:
- pre-septic spray
- soaking bowl
- cuticle pusher ...
- cuticle nippers /scissors
- wooden file
- magic shine
- cuticle remover
- base and top nail varnish
- nail varnish colour

More info:
Mob. 07784557818
or click on the link below

Crystal Nails Gel Polish Aplication workshop with Karolina Tryc

Gel polish workshop £89 16.01.2017

 1 day – 6h from 10am till 4pm

Workshop overview:
- health and safety
- client consultation
- product knowledge
- 1 colour gel polish application
- French colour application
- custom colour technique (if time allows)
- trouble shooting...
- after care advise
- safe removal procedure

Advisable kit:
- UV UFO lamp or Professional lamp
- green file
- cuticle pusher
- spray prep 100ml
- acid free primer 15ml
- GL base gel 8ml
- GL0 top gel 8ml
- 3 step colour
- cover pro white 5ml
- '0' short brush
- cleanser 100ml
- cuticle oil 15ml
- nail brush
- acrylic remover 100ml
- remover foil
- nail wipes


**Please note, this workshop is design for students already qualified in manicure procedure.
If you dont hold manicure qualification you are welcome to attend manicure workshop on the 15.01.2017
More info:
Mob. 07784557818
or click on the link below

10 October 2016

Nailympia competition London 2016

Hello everyone, I am just recovering from very busy 3 days competing at Nailympia. It has been crazy time when I pushed myself on so many levels. I am still quite exhausted physically and mentally. I was questioning myself why I am doing this to myself ?! Today I can answer :)
I am doing it to better myself and competing amongst so many talented nail technician motives me to be as good as them or even better one day. All of us who competed knows that competition itself is just the end of long and tiring preparations. But that what makes us better as we not just to beat other nail technicians but actually better ourselves, to beats our weaknesses! I definitely achieved that :)
I am very happy that I took 2nd place in stiletto :) and become again Top Tech Uk 2016, that is for all my lovely clients! It is very rewarding and the best feeling when you are on the stage receiving the award. I want to congratulate to all participants for taking part in this experience as I know it is not easy! Congratulations to all the winners!
Thank you to all my lovely models Anna Zuz Agnieszka Kępa Agnieszka Nowak Kasia Kowalska Monika Rychtyk for their time not just at the competition but for time they let me practise :) Thank you for all the support from my Crystal Nails UK team Karina Perematko Paulina Zdrada Kerry Moores Annamária Farkas Amanda Hawtree-Taft! And thank you for all lovely comments from my fellow nail technicians Katie Barnes Amanda Graves Fereida Lydiate Magdalena Smorga Natalia Oszterman and girls from crystal nails Hungary Alexa Méhész Ágnes Sebestyén wish you all, all the best !
And of course Thank you All judges and organisers for Nailympia :)

14 April 2016

Crystal Nails Hard Gel Sculpting Workshop Level 2 with Karolina Tryc

Crystal nails hard gel sculpting workshop level 2
This class has been developed to teach the Crystal Nails methods of reverse
sculpting with hard gel. The Crystal Nails Hard Gel Sculpting 1 course is
essential before this class.

The main aim of the course is to enable the student to:
• To apply a reverse pinks and white and reverse pink and colour(s) free
edge sculpts
• To improve filing and finishing skills

Cost £90 for 6h day
Students will need to bring or order:
• CN Preseptic Spray
• CN Cuticle Tool
• CN Wooden File
• CN Professional Files – Blue and Green
• CN Dust Brush
• CN Nail Prep
• CN Butterfly Forms
• CN Flex Cut Scissors or Nail Scissors
• CN Primer/Primer Pen or Acid free Primer
• CN Gels - Universal Base Gel, Titanium/Xtreme Clear Gel, Cover Pink
Gel, Builder Pink 2 Gel, Builder/Xtreme White Gel
• CN Pinching Tweezers and Clamp
• CN Gel Brush #4, Firm Gel and Merlo 2
• CN Xtreme File 100 and 150 grit
• CN Acrylic Sander Buffer 100/180
• CN Top Shine
• CN Cuticle Oil

More info and contact at: www.facebook.com/events/251696411832322

Crystal Nails 3D Acrylic Skills Workshop Entry Level with Karolina Tryc

Crystal Nails Acrylic & 3D design courses are for those existing technicians wishing to add to their skills and service menu.
You will need previous experience of the acrylic system.

Colour fades, 3D acrylic flowers & leaves & more.

Course cost includes training, manual and certificate upon successful completion of the course.

None refundable deposit £30
Course price £90
Kit price £45.6
kit includes : 3d mini brush, Pastel acrylic kit, Sparrow tips
Decoration needle, Buffer...

Extras to bring: Extras Variety of acrylic colours for background. #6 acrylic brush
or any other old brush for background. Acrylic monomer. dappen dish

More info and contact at: www.facebook.com/events/538547239661077

Crystal Nails One Move Painting workshop Level 1 with Karolina Tryc

The "One Stroke Technique" is a double loading technique that consists of loading a brush with two separate colours. With this technique you will be able to achieve the shading and highlighting in one stroke.
Speed up your salon–work – these are really 10 minutes nail arts!

We offer you with this training an access to the garden of flowers. Learn, how to:
* create miniature paintings with one movement
* make shadowing and contours paralelly
* paint beautiful flowers with water based paints
* create simple but colourful backgrounds and colour fadings with sponges

COURSE DURATION: one day, 10am- 4pm

* Barbara II Brush - £10.15
* One Move I Brush - £12.60 or II or III
* Nail Art Tip Stiletto White - £5.45
* Buffer White - £0.90
* Dust Brush - £2.00
* Decoration Needle - £9.30
* One Move Acrylic Paintings 1 white , 3 yellow, 40 mauve, 18 green, 8 dark red, - £3/each

Before One Stroke workshop, it is essential that you attend the Fine Art Class to gain basic skills in hand painting.

TRAINING COST: £90 + kit cost

( £45deposit required to secure your place which isn't refundable)
Includes training, manual and certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the course.

More info and contact at: www.facebook.com/events/214091095616047