2 February 2009

Sculpted acrylic nails - colured acrylic +acrylic flowers


Anonymous said...

what a disgusting finish! this poor lady's finget are red and swollen. it is people like you that give nail techs a bad name and frighten women from coming back again. if u were properly qualified, you should be able to apply acrylic with minimal filing. a finger should never be that red. what an abomination!

Karolina Tryc said...

Obviously you haven't seen any other pictures of my work on this blog.
I don't really understand your comment!! I am qualified,I've been nail technician for 6 years now and i know how to apply acrylic or gel safely without doing any harm to my clients nails! What you described as red and swollen fingers was just fault of the pictures because photo was taken with my phone. I have many happy and returning clients.If you are so professional and qualified why are @anonymous@??? i would be very happy to see and comment on your work!