11 February 2010

My nails - sculpted acrylic nails

What do you think about them??


Anonymous said...

I wish I lived where you do, because I would come to you to get my nails done ALL the time! You are Truly a genius. I almost got sad because I thought that you weren't going to post anymore! LOL

B.J. von Schneyder Art said...

I agree with Clarissa, I missed your posts :)
The nails look fabulous, very creative and I love the shape too!

Karolina Tryc said...

Thank you girls, I haven't been posting for few months only because I am on maternity leave so I don't work, I only do my nails. But I will be back soon,I miss my job:)
And thank you for visiting my blog:*

Manicure Time said...

Pretty pretty!!!!!