25 May 2010

Sculpted acrylic nails - Golden Nails acrylic powder cover and clear mixed with glitter and on one hand flowers paited with acrylic paint - one stroke


ainos2 said...

I really love how the deep smile line elongates the nail beds...very elegant.

I am familiar with one stroke painting, having done it on an old kitchen table and a couple of dressers. I've never tried it on nails though. While I really like the flowers, they cover so much of the beautiful glitter tips.

I think if these were my nails, I would have had you make the flowers smaller, placed around the cuticle area, and have them "trickle" down into the tips.

I can't believe that I didn't find your blog long ago! Love, love your work. Would it be ok if I mention your blog in my next post? (I have a nail art blog dedicated to nail stamping/Konad/fauxnad)

B.J. von Schneyder Art said...

Those nails look so neat and perfect I almost thought they were done with dual system!
GREAT work, really marvellous!

xoxo Tina